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Historic Schools of Cole County

Historic Schools of Cole County

The following table includes all of the known schools in Cole County, Missouri at the time of the Historic Cole County Atlas of 1914. The source of the location data for these schools is as follows:

Schools with an asterisk (*) appearing after the name have latitude and longitude that was estimated from position on the Cole County Historic Atlas of 1914. Schools with the pound symbol (#) appearing after the name have latitude and longitude that was derived from the works of James McHenry, "Cultural Resources of Cole County", and were not otherwise located. Source of other location data is from U.S. Geological Service, Geographic Naming Information Service (USGS-GNIS), as it appeared on the 1:25,000 quadrangle topographic maps.

The historic schools of Cole County are one of the cultural resources of our past that should receive more attention when documenting them due to the fact that they were the center of learning of the time and were essential to the development of our culture. The "one room schools" or "rural schools" are foreign to the children and young adults of today's world and the knowledge of what remains of this system of schools should be shared with current and future generations. Please note that there are nine (9) schools which were unidentified as to the name and should receive special attention when attempting to document them.

Please help us document these schools with school names, teachers and the years when they served, photos of the school and classes that attended and finally, recollections of the school, fellow students, teachers and what occurred there. Thanks for participating in this effort.

School Name Twn Rng Sec Community Latitude Longitude
Ambrose School43N12W29Rural38.4430992.27990
Centennial School43N13W26Rural38.4466992.33087
Centertown School *45N14W25Centertown38.6214392.41184
Central School43N12W11Rural38.4869892.21213
Concord School45N13W14Rural38.6497692.31574
Corinth School44N13W25Rural38.5339292.29880
Cottage Grove School43N14W14Rural38.4778192.42435
East Union School44N11W31Rural38.5161992.18705
Elston School *45N13W26Elston38.6142592.32291
Enterprise School43N13W08Rural38.4933692.38019
Eugene School *42N13W31Eugene38.3535192.40175
Forest Hill School44N10W29Rural38.5386592.05296
Glendale School42N13W11Rural38.4069792.32435
Glendale School44N12W15Rural38.5660592.22566
Harmony School44N12W08Rural38.5733792.27046
Immanuel Lutheran School43N12W22Honey Creek38.4775192.25577
Jefferson City Broadway School *44N11W07Jefferson City38.5747892.17929
Jefferson City Central School *44N11W07Jefferson City38.5736492.17213
Jefferson City Central II School *44N11W07Jefferson City38.5707492.17364
Jefferson City Fairview School *44N11W08Jefferson City38.5694792.16177
Jefferson City German School *44N11W07Jefferson City38.5733692.17876
Jefferson City Moreau Heights School *44N11W17Jefferson City38.5617192.16716
Jefferson City Park School *44N12W12Jefferson City38.5803592.18720
Jefferson City Simonsen School *44N11W08Jefferson City38.5706992.16875
Jefferson City Washington School *44N11W17Jefferson City38.5677792.16780
Jefferson City West End School *44N12W01Jefferson City38.5866592.18536
Kings Chapel School45N13W09Rural38.6589292.35519
Liberty School43N10W08Rural38.4854192.04660
Lohman German School *44N13W21Lohman38.5660492.40091
Marion School *46N13W31Rural38.6992092.38991
Moreau Bend School44N11W33Rural38.5243492.13773
Mount Carmel School43N13W29Rural38.4445192.37311
Mount Hope School I44N14W14Rural38.5573292.42766
Mount Hope School II44N11W15Rural38.5510692.11749
Mount Hope School III43N11W23Rural38.4655692.11639
Mount Pleasant School44N13W06Rural38.5861492.38963
Mud Creek School45N13W06Rural38.6783792.38491
New Zion School43N14W28Rural38.4522592.47546
Oak Grove School42N12W05Rural38.4083792.26768
Osage Bend School42N11W09Rural38.4063792.14371
Osage Bluff School43N12W26Rural38.4447692.21990
Osage City School *44N10W16Osage City38.5547292.03334
Pleasant Grove School I42N13W08Rural38.4055992.38213
Pleasant Grove School II45N12W20Rural38.6286492.25769
Pleasant Hill School43N13W14Rural38.4792092.33213
Pleasant Valley School43N12W08Rural38.4903192.27518
Pleasant View School44N12W11Rural38.5725392.32574
Rock Creek School45N13W18Rural38.6558692.39297
Russellville School *43N14W03Russellville38.5120592.43847
Spring Valley School42N13W26Rural38.3608392.32143
Spring Valley School42N13W26Rural38.3594892.32796
St. Peters Catholic School *44N11W06Jefferson City38.5790292.17525
St. Thomas School *42N12W14St. Thomas38.3694692.22038
St. Thomas Catholic School42N12W23St. Thomas Catholic38.3673192.21780
St. Thomas School (Old)42N12W11Rural38.4014292.22574
Stringtown School44N13W34Rural38.5244892.34991
Taos School *43N10W06Taos38.5077592.06943
Teal School42N12W33Rural38.3419892.25379
Trinity Lutheran Evangelical School *44N11W07Jefferson City38.5744092.17038
Union School #45N14W26Rural38.6213692.24326
Unknown Rural School *45N12W28Rural38.6213692.24326
Unknown Rural School *44N12W03Rural38.5958792.23108
Unknown Rural School *44N13W03Rural38.5961292.33580
Unknown Rural School *44N13W11Rural38.5718892.23624
Unknown Rural School *44N13W28Rural38.5399292.36124
Unknown Rural School *43N11W02Rural38.4962192.10012
Unknown Rural School *43N11W04Rural38.5029192.14293
Unknown Rural School *43N13W28Rural38.4436492.36952
Unknown Rural School *42N12W30Rural38.3589492.28986
Valley Home School43N14W35Rural38.4370992.43173
Waterloo School42N13W29Rural38.3642092.38102
West Union School45N13W29Rural38.6206292.36754
White Oak School42N13W30Rural38.3600392.29212
Zion School44N12W28Rural38.5293492.24724

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