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Dohmen Photo Collection - Historic Homes & Businesses

311 Cherry St.

108 Jackson St.

624 E. High St.

The photos that appear on this and associated pages were taken by Erica Dohmen as part of a Gold Award project with Girl Scouts of America. The nature of her project was to photo document the homes and businesses of the more historic region of Jefferson City. Blight, neglect and urban decay is adversely affecting many of these structures and she has undertaken to document the homes in this area of town before many of them are destroyed and torn down due to neglect and the effects of time and Mother Nature.

Derivatives of those images, in a smaller scale, are presented on this site and associated pages as visible evidence of the grandeur of many of these homes when they were built in the late 1800's and early 1900's and also as the effects of neglect on many of these building; but also to document the condition of many that have been magnificently preserved over the years and lately restored.

Erica has graciously donated the product of her efforts to Cole County Historical Society, Historic City of Jefferson and other non-profit agencies that wish to make reasonable use of her photos as well as City of Jefferson and the Missouri State archives. This is done, keeping in mind, that Erica Dohmen is the owner of these images and unreasonable use of any of these images by other entities, corporate or otherwise, is unacceptable and will be contested.

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