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Elston - Cole County Communities

ELSTON (elevation 687 feet)

Elston was surveyed by W. VOGDT in 1867, for A. M. ELSTON, who acknowledged the plat March 29, 1867. Walnut, Main and High Streets are shown running north and south, intersected by First, Second and Third Streets. Dr. FISHER's house on Block 6, the school-house on Block 1, the meeting-house just north, and three houses on Blocks 2 and 3 are shown; while south of the railroad is A. M. ELSTON's house, the store and railroad warehouse. The founder was commissioned justice of the peace in 1832, and in centennial year was the senior justice of Missouri in point of service.

The Union Church at Elston was dedicated March 29, 1885, Messrs. G. L. MOAD, of the Cumberland, J. P. L. MAXEY, of the Baptist, and J. C. COSS, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, officiating. The building committee comprised A. and J. M. ROUTSONG and P. P. MCNEAL.

St. Martin's Catholic Church dates back for membership to the 40's, but not until June 1, 1885, was the parish established. Rev. John SCHRAMM was the first priest. He was succeeded by Father SENNERICH. Among the first members of the congregation are the following: Seraphin KAUFMAN, Ben BARKERS, Herm. SCHROER, John BAUMEL, John WALSH, Lourenz CASHEN, Nic STEHLEIN, Carl SCHMITZ, Joseph BRUNDEL, Herman HEITKER, H. SCHULTE, Carl LEHMAN, Anton BRUTO, H. ROSEN, Joseph SIKINGER, Joseph STEHLEIN, Thomas CASPARI, Ernst BENE, Frank DISTLER. The present number of families is forty-four. The church building was dedicated August 26, 1885, and the priest-house subsequently, the cost of both building and furniture being $5,376.

It is situated at Sec. 35 & 26, Twp. 45 N, Range 13 West on Highway T, north of 50.


Elston, on the Missouri Pacific, in Marion township, 3 miles from the Missouri river, 10 miles northwest of Jefferson City, the county seat and banking point. In the immediate vicinity of coal and lead mines, some of which are worked to advantage. Population 200. Mail daily.
Backers, H., blacksmith.
Bondelier, S., butcher and stock dealer.
Caspari, F. J., grocery and feed store.
Catholic church.
Elston, Geo., druggist and hotel.
Elston. J. A., physician.
Goodwin. T. B., carpenter.
Hansford. O. L., dentist.
Heidker, Joseph, jewelry.
Knernschield. A., & Son, farm implements.
Lackamp, B., general merchant and feed store.
Lamson, Chas. H., saw mill.
Leach, H. T., physician.
Leach, Geo. H., & Co., general store.
Lumkin, J. S., teacher public school.
Tripp, M. F., carpenter.
Union Church.
Warburton, George, livery.
Weiler, J., blacksmith.
Whyte, Samuel, barber and painter.
Whyte, Eliza, dressmaker.

J. W. JOHNSTON. Editor.


A post village of Cole county, Marion township, situated on Gray's creek, and on the line of the Pacific railroad, 135 miles from St. Louis, and 10 miles from Jefferson City, the county seat. This village was settled in 1828 by A. M. Elston, and the post office established in 1858. There are two stage routes, one to Jefferson City, and one to Look Out, 5 miles distant. Elston Station is the centre of a small body of rich land, and is densely settled with farmers. Coal is supposed to exist in this vicinity and will shortly be mined. Lead is found in small quantities in almost every section of the land. Iron is also discovered here, but very little effort as yet made to mine it. The oak, elm, walnut, and hazel grow abundantly here. The chief products are corn, wheat, tobacco and fruit. The average price of uncultivated land is $5 per acre, and of cultivated, $10. The village contains one Baptist church, Rev. Wm. Clark, pastor, one school, one general store, one black smith, one wagon maker, one coal dealer, one lumber yard, one physician and one steam saw and grist mill. Population about 100.

John W. Wills,
Wm. Chambers,
John E. Parr,
A. M. Elston,
Gideon L. Hudson, Constable.
Justices of the Peace.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Bassnett Robt., planter.
Chambers Elias, planter.
Chombery Wm., planter and justice of the peace.
Clark Rev. Wm., Baptist.
Dixon Levi & Co., steam saw and grist mill.
Dixon Levi, planter.
Dixon Levi & Co., lumber yard.
Dixon Jeremiah, planter.
Elston A. M. & Son, commission and forwarding merchants and general store.
Elston A. M., planter and justice of the peace.
Elston Addison, physician and surgeon.
Frances Wm. J., planter.
Hudson Gideon, constable.
Harkus Hiram, planter.
Kenney David, planter.
Lindley Silas F., blacksmith.
Moore Jno., planter.
Moad James W., planter.
McRenney Henry, planter.
Notty Thomas, planter.
Parr Jno. E., planter and justice of the peace.
Pace Benj., planter.
Patton Joseph, planter.
Robison Samuel L., planter.
Ray David, manufacturer wagons and agricultural implements.
Roulsgong Levi, planter.
Sween hart A. K., school teacher.
Wills Jno. W., planter and justice of the peace.


 Edw. B. Johnson & Boys, 1928 thru 1930

 Elston School

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