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Welcome to the vintage photographs website for Vintage Cole Photos.

This website is dedicated to collection of images from various pursuits throughout the course of the history of Cole County, Missouri.

It is important to recognize that treasured vintage photographs that we see are generally the result of a very few people, whether they are professional photographers, amateur photographers or individuals who made serious work of collecting photographs of others that reflect upon the historic aspects of Jefferson City. The following list of names are those who we can attribute most of these treasures to.

Professional Photographers
Frederick Suden
Carl Deeg
Ben Oliver
Ruth Rust
Thomas Simcoe
Hadley Irwin
Gerald Massie
Zeal Wright
Amateur Collectors & Photographers
Dr. Joe Summers
Joe Kroeger
Dr. Arnold Parks
Bob Priddy
Mildred & Cleo Ehrhardt
George Grazier

Many of us have one or two of these treasured photos in our possession and a precious few have a large collection of vintage photos that our Father or Uncle took decades ago that have been hidden away in a trunk for much of that time. It is this stash of a single photo or the large trove of photos that need to be added to the archive of photos for Cole County that may be viewed by future generations.

It is not the initial purpose of this website to display these vintage photographs; but to provide a mechanism by which individuals may scan and upload the digital images and identifying information to this website so that they may be archived at the historical society and made available for viewing. Since we are discussing long term archival of these images, it is essential that they are scanned at a resolution that will allow quality reproduction in the future at relatively large image sizes. For this reason, we subscribe to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) scanning and archival standards which are made available in the "Digitization Standards" links in the main menu above. If you are serious about seeing your precious photos archived for the future, please carefully read and adhere to these standards.

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